How Our Best Friends Break Our Hearts - One Dog At A Time

All our dogs have the ability to break our hearts. Whether you share your life with a FRENCH BULLDOG a Labrador Retriever, the bond you form with your dog can be one of the closest and most powerful you will ever experience.

Saving the Strays of Helmand

If you want proof of just how extraordinary the relationship between man and his best friend can be then you really must read a stunning new book called One Dog at A Time. It has been written by a British Marine and dog lover called Pen Farthing and tells of his time serving in the violent Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

While dodging the bullets and mortars, Sergeant Farthing witnessed the cruel and barbaric Afghan tradition of dog fighting. Rather than standing by as many would have done, he risked his life by breaking up the fighting and freeing the dogs. One of them, a big, battle-scarred mastiff he christened Now ad after the town he was stationed in, found his way into the Marine compound where he befriended his liberator.

As Farthing’s tour of duty continued, he and Now zed became inseparable buddies. The tough British soldier and the powerful dog formed an odd couple in the middle of the war zone. They were soon joined by other dogs who were drawn to the sanctuary the Marine compound provided. At one point, one dog pushed her litter of newborn pups through the wall of the compound so that they could be safe from the Taliban bombs and general cruelty of the Afghans towards the dog.

By the end of his time in Afghanistan, Farthing had more than a dozen dogs and puppies living in his makeshift sanctuary. As he prepared to leave, he was faced with the heartbreaking prospect of leaving them all behind.

We won’t spoil the ending of this powerful book, but suffice it to say that two of the dogs he rescued are now living with Pen Farthing in England. He has also set up a fantastic charity to rescue other abused dogs in Afghanistan. His work is truly inspirational and is winning the admiration and support of dog lovers everywhere. Part of the proceeds from the book will go towards his charity.

French Bulldog Puppy Blog

The Legendary Blue French Bulldog

Frenchie’s usually come is the following colors: fawn, brindle, pied color. Very rarely an exceptional blue hue can also be found. The blue color is found in very few breeds and it is all due to possessing a gene for this color. It can sometimes be seen in Great Danes, the Shar- Pei Neapolitan Mastiffs and in even rarer cases, the Labrador. There are 3 types of Blue that occur in Frenchie’s…

Blue, or Blue Brindle Frenchie has a “grey” hue, and the base coat color is a solid blue-grey. It has been debated whether or not this color is also what the standards refer to as ‘mouse’.

A Blue Pied French Bulldog is a result of the? or dilute gene. In this form, the dilute factor has caused the black hairs to become blue. Pigment on the nose and the pads of the feet are also a grayish blue in color, and eyes are often blue or yellowish gold. Again, this color is often referred to as mouse.

Blue-Fawn is a variation of blue, that is seen most clearly in the masking of the face. Typically they have green/gray eyes. It is said that they are usually produced by a fawn or red fawn parent.

Demand for this blue dogs are great. Supply is low. Therefore, it is not surprising that their price can go up to even $5000!!!

French Bulldogs

It always amazes me what a huge market there is for selling and finding puppies on the internet. I have read up about companies quite a lot, and although there are a lot of scams out there, I am still one of the few people who has faith left in the good of mankind. A close friend of mine is also a fan- and now an owner of Peanut, a French Bulldog puppy. She was so excited to find a company called Euro Puppy. Apparently, they call themselves “puppy finders”, since they help you find your dream puppy.

I have looked at a lot of the websites and I looked at the Euro Puppy’s website as well. They seem to be 100% legit, and my friend, who was more than satisfied can vouch for that fact as well. Still curious (I am like that by nature), I went onto YouTube and typed in Euro Puppy…and lo and behold, they have a few puppy videos as well!! I was thinking if random breeders put up videos onto YouTube, then a respected company could as well! Well, I found a cute Frenchie video from them, that I love. Music and all. Here’s to Euro Puppy. I reckon I am getting my next Frenchie from them.
The Temperament of a French Bulldog:

This small dog breed is the typically happy-go-lucky type of a dog! It loves to be around people, and thus it is not surprising that it is seen as a companion dog. They are not big barkers, and nor do they require rigorous exercise, so they are ideal apartment-dwellers. They like playing with children and may require supervision as they may be unaware of their strength. Aggression can mostly be seen in the form of same-sex fights. Although it is a gentle breed, canine aggression has been known to occur in Frenchie’s.

Thus when choosing a second Frenchie, it may be advisable to choose a female one if you already have a male, or vice versa. Spaying or neutering can be the answer to aggression. French Bulldogs can be stubborn, and thus it is advisable to take them for early and consistent obedience training when they are still young. They are known to compete well in in competitive dog sports, dog agility, obedience, rally obedience, weight pulling and even Schutzhund. Another plus to their temperament is that they are great as therapy dogs, which the elderly seem to love very much! In general, Frenchie’s are friendly, playful, good-natured dogs, and make devoted and loyal companions for families, single persons and the elderly as well!

A French Bulldog busy giving some love. Dog Therapy does indeed work!